Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE! This FAQ is specific to Sequoia Airsoft.

For general airsoft infomation, visit the FAQ at:

  • What do I need to play?


    1. Airsoft Gun
    2. Ballistic Goggles
      MILSPEC, ANSI or ASTM rated with FULL SEAL.
      No mesh goggles! BB's can fragment!
    3. Facemask
      Ages 18+: Any type.
      Ages 13-17: Hard Mask (metal, plastic, mesh).
    4. Battle Dress Uniform (BDU's) or other Tactical Attire
    5. Gun Magazines
      High capacity aka "Hi-Caps" recommended.
    6. Gun Batteries
      High Capacity plus backups recommended.
    7. Battery Charger
      AC/DC recommended.
    8. Food & Water
    9. Watch or other Timepiece


    1. Harness (belt + suspenders) or Tac Vest
    2. Boots
    3. Gloves
    4. Headgear
    5. FRS Radio
    6. Canteen or CamelBack


    1. Money for admission and ammo.
    2. Sweatband or headwrap
    3. Small rag to wipe goggles
      Note! Never touch thermal lenses! You must use micro-fiber cloth or you will scratch them.

    Be sure to invest in good quality gear. Otherwise, you'll suffer on the field when it breaks on you. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for so spend a little extra and it'll pay off in the long run.

  • Do I have to wear BDU's to play?

    Affirmative. Some type of military clothing or tactical attire is required. BDU's, jumpsuit, military t-shirt, etc. Check out the galleryto get an idea.

    Much of airsoft is about looks so please take your attire seriously. Our players go through a lot of trouble to dress the part and it's expected if you want to participate.

  • I am not 18 years old yet, but I will be soon. Can I still play?

    Absolutely! Sequoia Airsoft is open to ages 13 and over. All players must be at least 13 years of age. No exceptions!

  • Can minors bring signed waivers with them? Where do they get them?

    Minors may bring their signed waivers with them. You'll receive waivers via e-mail after you register for the game.

    Waivers are good for one year and renewed annually every March.

  • What is acceptable Eye Protection?

    Any goggle that is MILSPEC, ANSI or ASTM rated with a full seal is acceptable. No glasses; they must be fully sealed goggles.

    No mesh goggles! BB's can fragment!

  • What is acceptable Face Protection?

    Ages 18+: Any type of facemask (fabric, neoprene, etc).
    Ages 13-17 must use a "hard" mask (plastic or mesh).

    Note: Paintball Goggles/Mask are recommended. Thermal lenses will help prevent fogging.

  • If I get goggles with anti-fog lenses, how do I keep my own glasses from fogging?

    There are a number of different ways. You need to research the internet and learn more about paintball products such as anti-fog that can be put on your glasses, special masks designed to accomadate glasses, goggle fans, etc.

  • Why do we have to use Field Ammo?

    We need to ensure everyone is using 100% biodegradable ammo. Plastic, or "semi" plastic ammo would jeapardize our ability to use the field and is strictly enforced. Sneaking your own ammo on to the field is a sure way to get yourself banned so please do not put us in that position.

    Our ammo is the highest quality and has been working well in all types of airsoft guns, even the most demanding, for years now with excellent feedback from our players.

  • How much is the field ammo?

    Please read the pricing section.

  • How much ammo will I need?

    That depends on how much you shoot. Most players use 1-2 bags per day and some use twice that. It depends on your style and the type of game.

  • How much is rental equipment?

    Sequoia Airsoft is not renting equipment at this time except for goggles/mask. Otherwise, all players must be self-equipped. Please reserve rental goggles when you register.

  • Do I have to pay on the Website?

    Negative. You are welcome to pay at the field with cash or check. Only credit cards must use on-line payments in advance.

  • How do I register?

    Use the registration form provided on the website.

  • When does Registration close?

    The night before the game. Do not procrastinate! Register ASAP if you think you might go. There is no harm in registering, or cancelling, so just do it.

  • Where are you located? What is the address?

    The field is located 30 min from Los Gatos in the mountains; there is no address. Directions are provided to registered players, only.

  • Where is the closest hotels? Airports? Campgrounds?

    The field is no more than 45 min from anywhere in the San Jose valley. So, you can stay anywhere near San Jose and be within an hour from the field:

    Area Map with Hotels and Airport

    The closest airport is San Jose (SJC) or San Franciscos (SFO). SJC is about 45 min from the field and SFO is about twice that.

    As for camping, Saratoga Springs in Saratoga is about 30 min from the field.

  • Can my team play together? Can I play with my friends?

    Of course! We pick teams at the field and your group is welcome to stay together as long as the teams are balanced.

  • How do you select teams? Do I have to be on a team?

    We select teams right before the game starts and balance them accordingly. You are welcome to play on the same side with your friends or team members.

    You do not have to have your own team. We pick teams at the field.

  • How do you tell the teams apart?

    We issue colored armbands after we split up the teams. Sometimes we can split up by uniform pattern, but it seldom balances so we use armbands most often.

  • How long is the season? How do I join the league?

    Sequoia Airsoft is open to the public year round. We do not have organized teams or leagues.

  • Do you allow upgraded guns for Snipers?

    Negative. All guns must shoot 400fps or less with .20g ammo. No exceptions.

  • Doesn't that make Snipers useless?

    Negative. Sequoia Aisoft uses a unique set or rules that will challenge your abilities as a sniper with stealth, fire control, and target aquisition.

    The equipment is not nearly as important as your fieldcraft. High power guns will make no difference the way we have devised the rules. This is by design for safety reasons.

  • Can I use my mini-electric, spring, or gas gun? Does it have to be an AEG?

    You can use any airsoft gun as long as it shoots less than 400fps with .20g ammo.

    However, full-sized AEG's (airsoft electric guns) are more powerful, reliable, and have larger battery and ammo capacity. As such, everyone uses AEG's. Gas, spring, or mini's will be SEVERELY outgunned and you will NOT have a good time against the AEG's. Almost everyone uses an AEG for this reason.

  • Can I carry more than one airsoft gun?

    You can carry as many guns as you wish. Most players have a sidearm and many carry extra guns for back up so go for it!

  • My gun is shooting 400-and-something (over 400); can I still use it?

    Negative. All guns must chrono 400 or LESS. Tune them for sub-400 velocities with a .20g bb. No exceptions.

  • What if my velocity is just a few FPS over 400?

    The best thing to do is chronograph your gun before the game and find out exactly what it is shooting. Airsoft Extreme retail stores have chrono's you can use.

    Once you find out, there are measures you can take to reduce your FPS by small amounts:

    Compress your Spring

    Springs will soften and break in after a while. Compress your spring and leave it that way for a few days to expedite this process. That means, with your magazine out and goggles on, shoot the gun sporadically in semi-auto until you see the piston in the back position then leave it that way for a few days to break in the spring.

    Velocity Reducers

    Airsoft retailers sell Velocity Reducers that attach to the muzzle of your gun. They have various inserts you can adjust that will reduce your FPS.

    Beyond the Basics

    Beyond that you must go to the gun internals and it's best to let an airsoft tech do that unless you know what you're doing. However, there's plenty of info on the internet for the mechanically inclined who want to give it a try for themselves.

  • What can I do to practice ahead of time?

    Your squad should practice moving in single file, skirmish line, and wedge formations. Literally walk around and practice until everyone gets the hang of it. Firezones are important. Stress that each person has a role and responsibility.

    Determine your radio call signs and get use to them. Make up some common verbal commands for common situations (attack, retreat, flank right, flank left, etc.) Write them down in advance and practice them along with your movement.

    Determine your squad leaders, point men, and rear guard. Usually, people fall into these positions according to their style of play and leadership ability.

    Practice the following formats. - Attack/Defend: One team holds the flag, the other tries to steal it. Then, rotate. - Convoy: Select a road. One team must travel up the road, the other must slow them down. Use a time limit. - Multiple Objective: Similar to attack/defend, but use multiple flags. Radios and communication are important if you're going to seize all the flags. Plan your offense and defense. - Search/Destroy: Self explanatory. Movement and communication are important.

    Try to work out at least 3 times per week. Even simple calistetics will help. Do the three basics: Pushups, Situps(crunches), and Kneebends(squats). Try to work yourself up to at least 3 sets of each doing as many as you can handle. Try jogging, biking, or other cardiovascular excersises for endurance. Airsoft is a physical game and the better shape you are in the better you will do in battle.

  • I have an (x) gun that shoots (x) fps, a (y) gun that shoots (Y) fps, and a (z) gun that shoots (z) fps; which one can I use?

    You may use any airsoft gun or device as long as it shoots 400fps or less with .20g ammo. No exceptions!

    AEG's are the most desireable for their high capacity ammo, batteries, and power. Gas guns are less desireable and usually only used as sidearms. Spring guns aka "Springers" will be severely outgunned by the AEG's and no one really uses them except for Sniper Rifles.

  • Can I use my Laser?

    Red lasers are ok as long as you do not aim them at the eyes.

    Green lasers are not allowed at all!

  • Where is a good place to buy equipment?

    Airsoft Extreme!

    In the Bay Area, Airsoft Extreme has stores with the latest airsoft guns, gear, and other goodies.

    You must purchase your ammo at the field. You may pay for ammo in advance with credit cards on the website.

    For BDU's and tactical gear, try The Mtn View Surplus (Campbell), Mtn View Surplus (Mtn View), R.E.D. Surplus (San Mateo), J&S Surplus (Moss Landing), or Steven's Creek Surplus (San Jose).

    On the internet, try US Cavalry, Sportsmans Guide, or Cheaper Than Dirt! for BDU's, tactical gear, camping supplies, etc. has paintball masks, replacement lenses, anti-fogging supplies, etc.

  • Can I bring smoke grenades or pyrotechnics?


  • Can I bring paint grenades?

    Negative. There are too many complaints about ruining expensive gear so paint grenades are not allowed.

  • I have (this) pattern BDU and (that) pattern BDU; which one is acceptable to wear?

    Any military attire is acceptable.

  • Can we wear the standard issue army t-shirts in lieu of the BDU shirts?

    Any tactical attire is acceptable.

  • Is a helmet or boonie hat mandatory?

    Negative. Headgear is optional, but encouraged. It is up to you.

  • Do you allow spectators or camera operators?

    Negative. Only registered players may attend. Family and significant others are the only exception.

    Camera operators distract players from their game and we do not allow them to stand around. Participating players may take combat photographs, only. Please do not e-mail for exceptions.

  • How often are you open?

    We are open on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month year round rain or shine.

    Sometimes, the dates can vary due to holiday weekends or special events so consult the Airsoft Event Calendar for a complete list of games.

  • Can I reserve the field for a private group?

    Negative. We do not do private games. Please join us on any public day!

  • How do I pay?

    Pay cash or check at the field or use our on-line payments page for credit cards (website, only) You must bring cash or check to pay at the field.

  • Do I have to order bb's or can I buy them at the field?

    Ammo is always available for sale at the field. You may pay for ammo in advance with credit cards on the website.

  • What time do you start? How long do the games go?

    Registration opens at 8:30 and is open all day.

    The first game briefing is at 9:30 and the game will commence afterwards. Lunch is usually from 12:30-1:30 and the afternoon session lasts until around 5:00.

    Please arrive and be ready by 9:30am to join the first game or just show up whenever you can. Games are usually 60 minutes and go throughout the day.


  • How long does each game last? Do you sit out or respawn?

    Our games are usually consist of 1 hour missions with a 5 minute respawn. When you are hit you sit out for 5 minutes then may re-enter the game.

    We take a 10 minute break in between missions.

  • What about weather? Do you play if it rains?

    Of course. Soldiers do not get the luxury of selecting their weather and neither do we.

    Airsoft is Resilient to Rain!  Use common sense. If you're concerned about getting wet, just wear a poncho and boonie hat. The poncho will keep you and your gun dry and the boonie hat will keep water off your goggles.

    You can get either for $20 or less at your local surplus store. Then, hold your weapon under your poncho or cover up any exposed batteries or wiring you're concerned with. Just use common sense!

  • How many players are there on a typical day?

    Our attendance has varied from 7 to 238 and averages around 45-50.

  • Is that a place where one can go anytime and practice target shooting?

    Negative! This is private land and you would be TRESPASSING. You are ONLY allowed to be there on game day. You will have time to target practice before the game or visit your local shooting range.

  • How does one join an Airsoft Team?

    Search the internet for clubs in your area and ask around at the field. Try to meet people like yourself and start one of your own!

  • What about poison oak?

    Poison oak is a naturally occuring plant in Northern California. The field has been groomed by cutting it down and spraying it with poison, but there will always be trace amounts.

    Long sleeves and gloves are a simple solution as long as you do not touch your clothes afterwards. Tecnu makes a both preventative and a treatment lotion available in drug stores. It's good to use both.

  • Where can I stay in town?

    Los Gatos is the closest town with hotels.

    Anywhere in the San Jose area will be 45 min or less to the field. Use and enter "los gatos, ca" to get an idea.

    Do a hotel search at on-line at sites such as or and enter "Los Gatos, CA" for listings there and surrounding areas.

    Any of those cities [San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, etc.] will work. You can book a room on-line.

  • I am totally new to airsoft. I just purchased my gun and gear. What pointers do you have for beginners?

    Read the FAQ at for starters. Bring extra mags and batteries if possible.

    Keep your eyes open on the field. Be alert. Move quietly. Stay fluid. Be aggressive and don't get tunnel vision -keep scanning your surroundings at all times.

    Find someone that knows what they're doing and watch them. You'll be fine!

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