Sequoia Airsoft Safety Rules

1. Never remove your eye protection while on the field! You may only remove your eye protection in the staging area.

2. All guns must chronograph 400 fps or less with .20g ammunition. No exceptions!

3. Honor and sportsmanship are expected at all times. Cheating is grounds for immediate ejection from the game and ban from the field. This goes for velocity limits, ammo rules, calling yourself out on the field, etc. Airsoft is a game of honor.

4. Any hit to any part of your body or tactical gear, including items worn around the waist or vest, constitutes a hit. Gun hits do not count.

5. If you are hit, yell 'HIT! HIT! HIT!' and raise your gun until it is safe to exit the firefight. Many players waive a red rag to signify they are hit. Stop shooting to let dead players exit the field.

6. When you are hit, leave the field immediately! Dead players do not loiter, observe the game, or speak to live players at any time. After you are hit, go to your first aid station quickly and quietly.

7. You must remain at your First Aid Station for 5 minutes before re-entering the game. The location of the First Aid Stations will vary so listen up during the briefing!

8. NO SHOOTING WITHIN 20 FEET of another player, vehicle, or fixed position. Never shoot within twenty feet. This means no charging bunkers, vehicles, or other players.

9. Call 'SURRENDER!' if you get within 20' of another player. Try not to let this happen! This is for unexpected contact, only. You may only "surrender" an enemy that you have caught completely by suprise. If both players yell, 'SURRENDER!', then the first one to call it is still in the game. You cannot surrender vehicles or bunkers. Stay back and shoot it out!

10. No blind fire.

11. No physical contact with any players at any time.

12. If your eye protection fogs up or you cannot otherwise see, do not move around blindly. Instead call "BLIND MAN! BLIND MAN! BLIND MAN!" repeatedly until everyone is calling it and realizes the game has stopped.

The "BLIND MAN!" call is used for all serious emergencies and only in the case of an emergency or injury because it stops the entire game. Note: running out of ammo or having a gun problem does not constitute an emergency!

13. Contact the staff with any issues that arise on the field. Do not confront other players! Take any issues to Dave or the other staff and we will handle them. Most often, both players will be called out and/or ejected if they continue to have problems.

14. No shooting in the parking lot or staging area! You may only shoot at the chrono station or on the field.

15. Use proper firearms etiquette at all times. Keep your barrel pointed up or down- never muzzle sweep anyone. Treat the gun as if it was loaded at all times. Keep your safety on until ready to shoot.

16. LiPo batteries are not allowed. We have had multiple instances of fire hazard so they are forbidden from the field.

We pride ourselves on our conduct at these events and you are expected to behave like sportsmen and honorable airsoft players.

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